Same Ole Joe's Pizza

Baking Fresh Pizzas Daily

 Affordable Pizza Buffet in Greenbrier, AR

Indulge yourself at our pizza buffet every day of the week from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. At Same Ole Joe’s Pizza, we pride ourselves on supplying budget-friendly pizza options to the hardworking people in Greenbrier, AR, and the surrounding areas. 

Every pizza we offer is made fresh daily. We only use the highest quality ingredients and prepare our own dough. When you visit our buffet, you’ll have the chance to enjoy delicious toppings like pepperoni, Italian sausage, green peppers, tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, and much more. After dining in and experiencing what our buffet has to offer, feel free to order a custom pizza to take home. Our pizzas make great snacks at any time of day.

Wash down those great-tasting pizza slices with an ice-cold beverage. Same Ole Joe’s Pizza offers everything, from Tropical Fruit Punch and Diet Dr. Pepper to coffee, hot chocolate, sweet & unsweetened tea. We also carry a full line of Pepsi® products.

Not in the mood for pizza or have special diet restrictions? We have you covered at our Italian restaurant. Visit the salad bar to pick up a bowl of freshly cut lettuce and cover it in tomatoes, carrots, croutons, and a wide assortment of dressing choices. Add a few pieces of broccoli and cauliflower for healthy salad you won’t soon forget.   

Sliced Pizza

Last, but not least, guests have the option of ordering a sandwich. We understand that, when you’re in a hurry, there’s nothing better than a warm, satisfying sandwich. Order a turkey sandwich for a quick pick-me-up or enjoy a meatball sandwich with onions and green peppers. Packed full of taste, our food will help get you through the day. 

The next time you’re in Faulkner County, make it a point to try our pizza buffet. Our pizzas are always fresh, the service is unbeatable, and reasonable prices make us the No. 1 pizza place in the area.


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